"If Joseph and Mary had Facebook": A Second Opinion


If Joseph and Mary had Facebook?

An hypothesis that's rather odd.

But assuming they did, I've a feeling

Their posts were inspired by God.


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  • No, more than likely "I got morning sickness, but I couldn't be pregnant since I didn't have sex."

    6 months later: "I have the let Maury sort this out."

    12 months later "Maury said 'Joseph, you are NOT the father. Mary, anyone else we should test?'"

    Probably also wouldn't need the wandering apostles and epistles if they could have Facebooked the message. But that depends on whether the Gentiles would have friended them.

  • In reply to jack:

    Anachronisms tend to turn history on its head.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Which probably explains why "B.C." and "The Wizard of Id" have lost their moorings.

    Take today's B.C. If they are going to have him read a book, the cartoon may as well show him reading a Nook.*

    *I'm sure the rhyme here was intentional on B&N's part.

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