Guns: America's Golden Calf


Garry Wills says we suffer from an idolatry of guns. There are 300 million guns out there in our country. And 40% percent of them were purchased without a background check. We can buy assault weapons on the internet and at gun shows. We have the most mass murders of any civilized country.  Guns were the weapons of choice. So who's kidding who?  Stop the equivocating. Stop the scapegoating. Guns are the culprits. Guns are the problem.

Not legal abortion as one ChicagoNow blogger asserts.  Not a young male population whose self-esteem has been destroyed  by the feminist movement, as another blogger thinks.

Not the exclusion of God from our schools, or "abortion pills", I-phones, and homosexuals as Mike Huckabee would have us believe.

And not because we aren't  armed enough, everywhere we go and in everything we do.  We're already armed to the teeth.

Let's quit putting up smoke screens and laying in every conceivable direction trails of red herrings. 

The problem is guns.  Now let's go ahead and solve it.


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  • The problem is also idiots. I put up something similar to what I posted here about the Second Amendment on a Yahoo comment board and instantly got 69 thumbs down. Similar when I responded to a comment on "why don't they also ban bars and cars?" So I guess it really was populated by Yahoos, frustrated that the NRA had taken down its Facebook page.

    I see you found the Jesus rationalizers in the right pane. I quit reading them.

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