Enter My December Garden

Here are some pre-winter  snapshots from my Zone 5  garden:

1. Irish heather: Diminuitive pink flowers. Needlelike leaves. Christmasy. Northern exposure.

2. Wintergreen:  Eastern exposure.   Great for its upspread growth.

3. Autumn fern: Eastern exposure.  Never has looked better.

4. Gardenia:  Still hanging in there even on the doorstep of winter.

5. Black ornamental grass:  Hardy and amenable to transplants.

6. Hens and Chickens:  Takes on a reddish hue this time of year.

7. Johnny-Jump-ups:  Still adding its sprightly mauve to the mix.

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  • So far it hasn't been like Dec. 1982, when the forsythia was already blooming. But I'm not complaining.

  • In reply to jack:

    The forsythia in 1982 was a Reagan bush.

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