Before You See The Movie, Take This Hobbit Quiz.


How about a quiz to mark the opening of "The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey"?

1. Which of the following doesn't describe Bilbo Baggins' house?

a. It's a hole in the ground.

b. Everything is on one floor.

c. The best room has no windows.

d. It's entry door is round.

2. Whatever adventurous spirit Bilbo has was inherited from

a. His father, Bungo

b. Bingo Baggins

c. Mungo Baggins

d. His mother, Belladonna Took

3. Bilbo is visited by Gandalf and 13

a. elves

b. dwarves

c. goblins

d. wargs

4. Thorin's surname is

a. Took

b. Baggins

c. Oakenshield

d. Moria

5. Gandalf recommends Bilbo for the adventure because

a. He has the magic ring.

b. He owns ponies to carry the provisions.

c. Heroes weren't available.

d. He killed Azog the Goblin.

6. On the journey to  the Lonely Mountain, the first villains met are

a. goblins

b. wargs

c. trolls

d. gollums

7. The fattest dwarf is

a. Balin

b. Bombur

c. Thorin

d. One size fits all dwarves.

8. Who lived in the Last Homely House west of the Misty Mountains?

a. Gandalf

b. Elrond

c. Bert, William, and Tom

d. Fili and Kili.

9. Bilbo, Gandalf, and the Dwarves enter a cave to escape

a. goblins

b. Gollum

c. wargs

d. a bad storm

10. Who says "Slash them! Beat them! Bite them! Gnash them!"?

a. Thorin

b. Beorn

c. Smaug

d. the Great Goblin

11. Thorin is the heir of

a. Elrond

b. Gandalf

c. Durin

d. Gondolin

12. Orcrist and Glamdring are

a. goblins

b. elves

c. dwarves

d. swords

13. Moon-letters or rune-letters were written

a. in blood

b. by Gollum

c. with silver pens

d.  to Bilbo's family back home

14. Who refers to himself as 'my preciousss'?

a. Gloin

b. Dwalin

c. Gollum

d. the Lord of the Eagles

15. Bilbo and Gollum engage in a duel

a. with swords

b. underwater in a lake

c. during a  full moon

d. of riddles

Answers: (1) c; (2) d; (3) b; (4) c; (5) c; (6) c; (7) b (8) b (9) d; (10) d; (11) c; (12) d; (13) c; (14) c (15) d.

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