The Fiscal Cliff Fix Is Kristol-Clear


Conservative commentator and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol: " It won't kill the country if we raise taxes a bit on millionaires."

We're dangling from a  precipice.,
(Not actual but fiscal),

But we'll be safe according to
Conservative Bill Kristol.

"Just raise the tax rates of the rich,
An absolute no-brainer."
Which is the mantra of the Left.
Hello? House Speaker Boehner.

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  • My father once asked "who is this Kristol?" to which my response was "he was the brains behind Dan Quayle, which itself is an oxymoron."

    But maybe the Republicans, including the commentators, are figuring out that something has to be done.

    In that they are talking about reducing deductions, the question not really explored in the media is how big of a charitable deduction Mitt got for tithing the Mormon Church? Did you hear anything about that/

  • I'm waiting for Romney and his sons to make a movie called "Men in Tithes".

  • I didn't know that about Kristol and Quayle. I'm sure it's not something he's proud of.

  • That's searchable. While most sources cited are left wing, here is a right wing one, actually using the term "Quayle's brain."

    I don't think that Kristol is hiding that he was Quayle's chief of staff.

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