How Fox News (Mis)Handled the Fate of Ohio


The morning after, the Republicans are licking their wounds.  Their concerted effort from day one to undermine the Obama re-election had  suffered an irreparable  resounding defeat.

Almost immediately after Ohio was declared for Obama, the Republicans began the 5 stages of grief: Denial.

I was tuned into MSNBC when that celebratory moment was announced. Obama crossed the 270 goal line.   And I instantly wondered how the Right would answer the question: Why, O Why, O Why, O, Did Mitt Romney Lose Ohio? So I switched to Fox News.  The two anchors, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier,  seemed agitated.  There it was on the screen: Obama re-elected with 274.  Karl Rove, frantic with disheveled hair, was in the background. Baier gave Kelly a blank look. Her comely  face was  ashen. Their eyes roved to Rove for some comforting  lifeline.

Then Kelly sheepishly informed  her audience that the great and powerful Rove, Turdface himself,  considered   the consensus verdict  premature.  At his behest, she would straighten it all out. She awkwardly  wended her way to the decision room---in the deep recesses of the set---and in  the process she bumped into the occasional piece of technical infrastructure.  The lofty judgment of Karl Rove had to  be vindicated.

Confronting Fox's astute pollsters, she learned the grim reality: Romney's fate was sealed. Kelly was crestfallen.  Denial, the first stage of grief, had begun to kick  in.

Anger, phase two,  was eagerly waiting in the wings.


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  • Since at 6:30 the coverage started with "ABC News projects that with W Va polls just closing, Romney won that state" I wasn't interested in the calling before counting the first vote, so I didn't turn it back on until about 9:50, and mostly stayed with Magers and Brock. At about 10:30 it was over.

    However, apparently you didn't stay with MSNBC to see if they had their equivalent of Oberman in tears ala 4 years ago.

    Also, I thought that the main objective of FNC's female anchors was to look hot (and usually have bleached hair). Apparently Megyn Kelly failed in the first regard.

    Anyway, I don't have cable. Were you referring to FNC or Fox 32, not that it probably much matters?

  • The narrative was about FNC. It was hilarious, indeed. BTW, whatever happened to Keith?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    His contract with MSNBC was terminated (Internet indicates by mutual release), after being suspended for making campaign contributions in violation of news department guidelines.

    Then he went to Al Gore's Current TV, and apparently got fired from there. Indications on the Internet are that he is now relying on a lawsuit against them.

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