Gingrich Expatiates on Two Generals: Petraeus and Washington


 The Today Show this morning needed an expert to comment on the Petraeus Affair.  Newt Gingrich was conveniently available.  Newt has  appeared on the Today Show more than any other public figure with the exception of  Donald Trump. Trump was evidently busy getting his revolution off the ground floor.

There is a kind of cynical logic to the Gingrich choice.  Sexual dalliance is right in Gingrich's wheelhouse.  He has been called a serial adulterer.  So Matt Lauer knew he would get the lowdown straight from the satyr's mouth.

But Gingrich failed to  shed much light on the subject . Other than to remind the TV audience about Petraeus's sterling military record.  Or was that what  the  other interviewee said,  the  retired Lieutenant who wore a cowboy hat and an outrageously loud jacket that looked like it was cobbled together  from a few American flags?

After a question about Obama's reelection---Gingrich was blindsided like everyone else in the Fox News bubble---Lauer brought up the real reason for Gingrich's epiphany on the Today set so early on a Monday  morning: his new book, "Victory at Yorktown".

This book  is another historical novel that Gingrich has been grinding out. Gingrich had help from a co-author, William Forstchen.  While holding up the book for the cameras, Lauer asked Gingrich if the book had anything new to say worth reading about.  Gingrich, smiling broadly, seemed to relish  the sweet pitch Lauer delivered, and he  took his best home run cut.  Yes, it shows what a great general that Washington was!  

Such a revolutionary idea!   You see, Washington pulled a fast one and moved his army to Yorktown and squeezed the British forces  under Cornwallis against the sea.  Forcing Cornwallis to call it quits.

Gingrich left out one important fact.  The French fleet had sealed off any British escape to the sea.   Well, you don't expect a Republican to give any credit to those Frogs, do you?  Especially one who--- judging from his full figure--- must love those freedom fries with his burgers.



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  • I'm waiting for something definitive on the Battle of Bannockburn, which apparently did not occur outside of Deerfield High School.

  • Jack, thanks for your comment, although I must admit it's a bit opaque to me. Is that your neck of the woods?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Let me put it this way.

    It was mentioned on some educational channel on the TV while I was eating dinner at a [now closed] Deerfield restaurant, which was about 3 miles south of Bannockburn. However, the battle occurred in 1314. Maybe Dennis Byrne was there, as he was for his War of 1812 book.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Also, what got me in that direction was the reference to Newt's book on the Victory at Yorktown, which I assumed was a skirmish between Lombard and Downers Grove.

    I guess my head is not in the right state.

  • Thanks for the laughs. I love your power of association. Like I've said, my mind goes all over the map all the time too.

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