Fiscal Cliff? Let's Call Their Bluff


Economists are worried  if

We'll tumble off the Fiscal Cliff.

But I refuse to panic or          

Be petrified by metaphor.

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  • Thank you boomers for the hypocrisy
    you raped our country,
    left us a catastrophe.
    and a bill, for your pension.
    you refuse to panic
    fear or tension
    I'm captivated by your shamelessness
    and your moniker: optimist.
    more like someone else...mmm
    Oh yes. Candide!

  • I thank you for the verse you write
    Although your lines meander.
    As for the boomers you indict,
    I'm not one, in all candor.

  • And I thank you for your platform
    it has lifted my spirits, a touch
    I've twenty years in business
    the economic plan, will not do much.
    If my car broke down
    would I worry, white, black or hispanic?
    of course not
    I'd put away my pride. I'd call a mechanic.
    and yes, I know mechanics
    I know their penchant for swindle and talk
    but I have faith in checks and balances
    and I'd watch him like a hawk.

  • I'm not going to panic, but Congress better do something about it.

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