Beauty and the Beholder: Advice from the Battlefield of the Sexes


"Dear Harriette: My husband has a wandering eye, and I need him to stop this behavior. Last week we went on a dinner date, and my husband's neck was on a swivel. In walks a group of ladies, one of whom caught my husband's eye. This made me furious, but I did not want to make a scene in the restaurant. What should I say to him?---Private Eyes. (from Harriette Cole's advice column 'Sense and Sensitivity')

Proletariat or mogul,
Most every man does like to ogle.

When pretty women slither by,
He'll cast on them a roving eye.

In full disclosure and confession,
I do it too but with discretion.

It's in our genes, a trait we share:
When beauty's near, we like to stare.

But if you value married life,
Don't ogle when you're with your wife.


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  • You can't prevent ogling, but the women are eventually going to win the battle of the sexes. Maybe thanks to the divorce court, though.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, I capitulated long ago.

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