Romney Wins the First Debate, But Is It a Pyrrhic Victory?


The Republicans are ecstatic.  Romney has won the first Presidential Debate. Chris Christie is being validated  as a genuine  political  oracle .I wouldn't be surprised if the  Republicans will  hoist   him on their shoulders ( there ARE thousands of them) and march down Wall Street in a victory parade.

No question, it was  a Romney victory. He exceeded  just about everyone's very very  low expectations.  He appeared to be, as they say, comfortable in his own skin.

But it wasn't so much that Romney won. It was  that Obama lost. Why did Obama keep so much of his powder dry?  Many of Romney's punches were not countered. The lie that Obama was taking $716 billion out  of Medicare benefits. The lie that Romney's plan does not have $5 trillion in tax cuts. The lie that under existing law, companies do not get tax deductions fo the expense of outsourcing jobs.

Why didn't Obama aim at Romney's soft underbelly? His poor record of job creation while governor? His disdain for the 47%  mouchers?  How Ryan's tax plan would devastate seniors?

There wasn't  even a  mention of immigration or women's reproductive rights.

And where was Obama's energy, focus, and killer instinct?  A debate after all is a blood sport.  Maybe Obama's 20th  wedding anniversary had channeled his inner romantic and indisposed him for a fight.

Yes, Romney won.  He was well-prepared. And he deftly manipulated the debate format to his advantage. Give him credit.

But Romney owes Jim Lehrer a huge  debt of gratitude.  Has there ever been a more comatose moderator?



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