Epstein, Enough Barnyard B.S. Waiting to Win Is for Losers


The Cubs finished with the third worst record in their illustrous history. Emphasis on the 'ill", But don't worry eternally faithful fans, their brain trust assures us they will take the rubble and use it to build a palace.

I hope it can be done.  But something about these spins on a  resounding 2012 failure is giving my hope vertigo.

And management's  smug appeal to infinite patience---'infinity' for a Cub fan begins after two years of promises--- really puts me off.   Confessing to the fans  that you've  ordered a coffin for 2013 is more than enough for an infinite series of  sound-barrier-breaking primal screams.

The other day I happened to read  miracle-worker- #1 -number-cruncher Theo Epstein's response to the oft-asked query why don't the Cubs lower ticket prices for such perennial futility. Is there a moral hazard in doing so?  What was his reply?    He had the temerity to say that Cub fans are blessed and  should be grateful to cough up the dough.  It's a bargain price for the existential privilege of attending a game at Wrigley.

And enough of how the clubhouse culture is a jewel in the crown. That Sveum and the boys are incomparable  models of harmony.  Mr.  Epstein, recruit all the choirboys you want  to sing a few choruses of "You Gotta Have Heart".    But if a temperamental hooligan can get us the gold ring, give him the farm.


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