Campaign Lies: The Elephant in the Room


When the polls  favored President Obama, the Republicans dismissed them as invalid--- skewed to Democratic voters. Now after the apocalyptic first presidential debate,  the polls suddenly reflect reality.

When the unemployment figure was above the line of no-Obama-return, the Republicans swore by its inviolate sanctity. Now that it has dipped below 8, the Republicans suspect the Bureau of Labor Statistics has been infiltrated and intimidated  by Chicago politics.

These are the  classic misdirection plays of the Republican playbook.  It's the fast-talking con man's  distracting patter during a shell game. It's the trickery of a Karl Rove, a Frank Luntz. It's a script of sound bites  for the GOP echo chamber.

Mitt Romney lies?  No, the fact-checkers have been bought out.

Mix this core dishonesty with  voter suppression and Citizens United money and America may very well have its first Etch-A-Sketch President. 

What does a Republican take for a headache? Sodium pentothal.  Truth serum.

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