A Win-One for the Gaffer


Way to go, Joe!  You kicked keister! Last night in Danville, Kentucky, Smilin'  Joe Biden lifted his party's presidential hopes into the stratosphere. He was pugnacious, but mostly with a velvet glove.

At times, Biden's poise and commanding presence made Ryan look like a fish out of water. Which is probably why he was incessantly taking drafts of it. 

Ryan was rather monochromatic.  He portrayed himself often as the numbers' wonk he perpetually professes to be.  He spouted the usual lines about job creators, the spiralling deficit, tax code reform, yada, yada, yada.  But when moderator Martha Raddatz pressed him for the "specifics", he was a total blank, a tabula rasa.

It was on foreign policy that Ryan was especially shaky.  He didn't seem to grasp that after 11 years of combat in Afghanistan , the baton was being passed to U.S.-trained Afghani forces.  Ryan's remarks about Iran and Syria also sounded like they were being read off a crib sheet.  Biden, on the other hand, spoke from experience, from being on the frontline of world events.

Biden also used his blue-collar background more effectively.  He made it abundantly clear that he would not let the middle-class down.  On the other hand, Ryan seemed tied to the apron-strings of the very wealthy, the hedge fund crowd Romney sprung from.

And when it came to the Republican lies...I mean...lack of "candor" Biden knew what to call them. Malarkey!

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