The Republicans Need Psychiatric Help


"About half the Republicans need psychiatric help."  Bill Clinton, in a 2010 speech.

I think that I shall never see
More wackos than the GOP.

They picked a guy for Chief Exec
Whose campaign is a rolling wreck.

A VP with a social brand
He got from atheist Ayn Rand.

Obstructionists like Speaker Boehner
And Mitch McConnell who's insaner.

And homophobes like Rick Santorum
And Tea Parties who just adore 'im.

There's Huckabee, Christie, and Cain,
The Birther Trump who lacks a brain.

And anti-intellectuals, deniers,
Religious hypocrites and liars.

There's Rush, Fox News and Hannity
And Akin's rape insanity.

I guess the most lucid of all

May be the Libertarian Paul.


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  • Let's see if Richard Davis or Warren Todd comment on this one.....

    Sorry, but I can't rhyme it though.

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