Obama Versus Romney: Let the Games Begin


The conventions are over and so
We will see how the campaigns now go.
Who will be the next pres
Will depend on who says
More or less what he wants us to know.

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  • Very witty and clever. Candidates will always say what they want us to know; it is up to us to find out what is not said. Most do not.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    You can look at "Get Unemployed" to see my reaction to your candidate in that regard, Richard.

    On the main post, who will be the next pres apparently depends on maybe 10 states, all of which Romney would have to sweep. Nobody is going to say anything in Illinois, and according to the NWI Times of today, nobody is going to be saying anything in Indiana for the opposite reason. Maybe investing in Iowa and Ohio media outlets might be a smart move.

  • Richard and Jack, thanks for chiming in. I always appreciate your views.

  • To be very honest I do not care who comes . I want jobs only as we do get tired sitting in the couches eating pop corns and bulging the tummy I thank you Firozali A.Mullar

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