Kate, Wise Up. Royalty Has Its Privileges but Privacy Isn't One of Them


When was the last time your wife went out in the backyard  with her breasts exposed? I only ask because this is precisely what the Duchess of Cambridge---Princess Kate---did.  OK, she was on vacation at a palatial retreat in France, a chateau owned by the Queen's nephew.  The principle's the same though.

Now I personally don't care if Kate paraded around the Cote d'Azur in her birthday suit. (Can you image the paparazzi storming the beach?) But no matter what Queen Victoria's reaction would have been, I am more than  amused at the turn of events. As if the British royalty throughout  the annals of history has  always been  above sexual indiscretions, dalliances, and  even deviance. Take  Henry VII. He  once sent three envoys to screen  a potential bride. His instructions were   "to mark her breasts and paps, whether they be big or small."  Or  Charles II. He  used to visit brothels in disguise. On one occasion he discovered he had no money in his pocket  to pay the madam who had no idea she was in the presence of royalty.  According to Theophilus Cibber, "[Charles II] was then reduced to ask the favour of the jezebel to give him credit till tomorrow...The consequence of this request was, he was abused, and laughed at; and the old woman told him that she had often been served such dirty tricks, and would not permit him to stir till the reckoning was paid, and then called one of  her bullies to take care of him."  I could go on for dynasties.

Of course, the paparazzi were not around then.  Nor the internet and social media.  Probably two good reasons why the royals should keep their shirts on. And every other article of clothing.


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