Exit Polling.


Republicans are of the opinion that opinion polls that show Romney behind are wrong.   President Obama  only has an illusory lead in just about every poll---nationally and in the swing states. The Republicans claim the pollsters are---intentionally or not--- skewing the responses to the left.  I suppose  that includes even  a Fox News poll which also has  Obama out in front.

This may simply be an elementary case of kill the messenger.   Or perhaps it is  pure  escapism  from reality.

But I wonder if  the Republican strategy may be more canny than anyone could imagine.  After all, there is empirical medical evidence for the success of mind over matter. An  optimistic outlook and a light heart seem, in a few cases, to have reversed even the course of the  most dreadful of maladies.   Moreover Far Eastern mystical  religions have for time immemorial  believed in  the power of meditation in  overcoming  a plethora  of psychological disorders.

Is this  what Romney's myrmidons are hoping for?  Deny that the  bad exists.  And with a bit of self-fulfilling prophesy, it may all come out good in the end. 



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  • I figure that most polling now is worthless, especially with early voting, caller id, and people without landlines.

    So whether people believe it, ignore it, or try to debunk it is not of my concern.

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