Who Played the Invisible Obama?


Now that the world  knows that Clint Eastwood turned out to be the heralded "mystery" guest at the Republican National Convention, the mystery of why he was remains.  Maybe they couldn't get Peter O'Toole. Ancient Clint creaked through his  dramatic-cum- political performance   a la  O'Toole's inebriated  histrionics  in "My Favorite Year".

Without a doubt, when this Convention is filed away into historical   oblivion, Eastwood's dialogue with an invisible Obama will still be grist for the opinion mill.  And  it was obvious that the Republican brain trusts were blindsided by this rather creepy imaginary interplay--- including  a gratuitous sexual subtext that must have grated the prudish sensibilities of a few Christian Fundamentalists.  Even before Eastwood had left the stage,  the Romney team issued a disclaimer explaining away Eastwood as simply  a crowd-pleasing change of pace.   Rather odd for the usual  segue to a standard-bearer's keynote address.

In all the buzz surrounding  this grotesquerie,  an  exquisite performance has been overlooked.  Just who played the invisible Obama?  Was it  Kevin Bacon, reprising his role in "The Hollow Man"?  I'd like to think so.  

Then  this would put  this RNC---uncomfortably--- within  the six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon.

Whatever the facts of the matter, I sincerely hope that  it was all done in the memory of Claude Rains.

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