How to Fix the Olympics in 4 (Not So Easy) Steps


I have four suggestions on how to improve the Olympics. (1)  Make ithem again what they were meant to be:  amateur competitons.   The Olympics don't need an NBA Dream Team.  They need a team of amateurs with a dream.

(2) Get the corporate sponsors out of the equation.  Commercialism cheapens the games.  If a corporation wants to give financial support,  all good and well.  But  let  it be  in the spirit of the games.  Anonymous and patriotic.   

(3) Limit an athlete to one Olympics, no matter how good he or she is.  Uber-athletes will  have plenty of opportunities to set world records  and to otherwise  demonstrate their exceptionalism after appearing in the Olympics. This rule  would open the games to many more aspiring and worthy competitors.

(4)   Redefine the narrative  of the Games. The modern Olympics began with the ideal of  internationalism. They should not hype nationalsim---no matter how successful a country might be. Winning the gold may be the ultimate achievement. But its pursuit  should not tarnish or  diminish the eclat of  the silver or the bronze. Lest we forget the value  at   the core of the Olympic flame: that all members of the human family  can come together  in peace and compete in the friendly arena of sports.

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  • I agree on all points.

    The only thing I can add, which may peak interest, is that the Olympic athletes perform as they did in the ancient Olympics: in the buff.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:


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