How Much Do You Know About Animals? Take This Quiz And Find Out.

nullNote: The following quiz was adapted from "Bill Burrud's Animal Quiz" a collection of quizzes that first appeared in The National Enquirer.


1. What species is known as "the Houdini of the sea creatures"?

2. There is only one species of mammal capable of flying. Which one?

3. Which creature has a bosom like a pigeon, swims standing up and has a tail like a monkey?

4. The horse is the fastest runner on the pampas. Name the second fastest creature on the pampas.

5. Can you name a sea creature that has no brain?

6. Which primates were actually worn by ladies of fashion in Shakespeare's time?

7. What species is considered to be the most wily of all animals?

8. In proportion to its size which is the most ferocious of all animals?

9. Can rabies be contracted other than through the bite of a rabid dog or other animal?

10. There are just two species of  poisonous lizards in the world. One is the Mexican bearded lizard. Can you name the other?

11. What is the largest wild cat found in the Western Hemisphere?

12. What animal that looks like a teddy bear produces but one offspring a year?

13. What animal's offspring must drop an approximate eight feet in the act of being born?

14. What material is produced by spiders when spinning their webs?

15. How does the desert tortoise in the blazing heat of the Sahara keep cool?

16. From which fish is the delicacy, caviar, derived?

17. Is there a bird which lives on monkeys?

18. Which is the only mammal to have shells?

19. Which are the two fastest fishes in the world?

20. The chimpanzee is the most intelligent ape. Which species is the most intelligent among the monkeys?

ANSWERS (Jumbled to discourage peeking):

8. The common shrew, tiny terror of the animal kingdom with a ferocious appetite.

11. The jaguar.

6. Marmosets, smallest monkeys in the world. Valued for their cute looks, they were leashed and worn live on the sleeves of fashinable English women.

14. Silk.

3. Sea Horse. It also has a akngeroo-like pouch from which the babies are born.

16. Sturgeon.

5. The jellyfish. This curious creature is composed of about ninety-five percent water, but its sting can be dangerous to man.

12. The koala bear.

1. The octopus. If trapped it can flatten its body and escape through the tiniest crack.

20. The baboon.

10. Gila monster.

13. The giraffe's.

2. The bat.

19. The sailfish and marlin, in that order.

9. Yes. Rabies can be contracted from an air-borne virus.

18. The armadillo.

4. The flightless rhea bird whose long legs make it exceedingly fast.

17. Yes, the very raremonkey-eating eagle, which is found in the Philippine Islands. Monkeys are its primary prey.

7. The coyote.

15. By use of its saliva which it spreads on parts of its body.





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