The Affordable Health Care Mandate Thru Partisan Lenses


Republicans say "Face the facts.
Obama lied. It is a tax!"
"Take self-responsibility,"
The Dems say. "It's a penalty!"

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  • So, why exactly is it in keeping with our freedoms and liberties to have a government with the power to ta us (or "penalize" us) for NOT doing something?

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Because it's being done for the common good. The general welfare.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    So, then, not buying electric cars is bad "for the common good"? Not buying Obama's solar products is bad because it doesn't help "the common good"?

    Sorry, but your claim is specious and makes that misused "General Welfare" clause so elastic as to have no meaning whatsoever.

  • The illusion of freedom under the current system is a false one. We only have the choice of whatever corporataions deem is in their stockholder's best interests. I can only get the coverage and price from the choices they offer. There is no "freedom" here.

    The US is among the last of the industrialized countries to adopt some sort of universal health care. If that's what wing nuts call freedom, then they can go to China, the middle east or any of the many African countries that don't offer universal health care.

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