America, Don't Listen to Fox and Company! The Sky is not Falling.


According to a ChicagoNow blogger, Congressman Joe Walsh recently was "warning voters at a well-attended townhall that thanks to ObamaCare, the 2012 election may be our last chance to save America."  This reminds me of the English fable of Chicken Little. 

One day Chicken Little was foraging near an oak tree when an acorn fell on his head.  "The sky is falling. The sky is falling."  He raved.  He passed the word to his friends Cocky-Locky, Ducky-Lucky, Goosey-Loosey, and Turkey-Lurkey.  And they all decided en masse to report the dire news to the king.  On the way they met Foxy-Loxy who offered them the sanctuary of his lair until the crisis had passed.   One by one the gullible fowl were eaten, and if not for  Cocky-Locky's  frantic cry for help, Chicken Little would have suffered the same fate.

The moral of the fable?  Don't let paranoia and hysteria lead  you down the path of  self-destruction.    No matter what  Republican Joe Walsh and  his fellow henchmen on the Right tell you.


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  • If it is the blogger I think, I mentioned to him on someone else's blog (since his blog is on my boycott list) that Walsh is going to be a former congressman real quick. However, I don't have a vote one way or the other in that race.

    People though are going ape that Florida's governor said he was going to opt out of the Medicaid expansion, as the Roberts opinion indicated that a state could. However, I bet it will be like Illinois, with Quinn realizing that the state needs the money. Especially since Fla's governor used to head a health care company and knows where its bread is buttered.

  • Those are idle threats. When push comes to shove they'll get with the program.

    Thanks, Jack. Your comment is well-taken.

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