UFO: Universe For Obama?


A new survey indicates that  the public lacks confidence in how Mitt Romney would handle immigration.  From outer space.  The survey was done by the National Geographic Channel for its "Chasing UFO's" which premieres this Friday night. Nearly 2 out of  every 3 people polled would  put their faith, I presume, in the peaceful diplomacy of President Obama, rather than the parlous  militancy  of  a Republican a la George W. Bush.

I don't think this survey will have any bearing on the election.  But it  does evoke some pretty bizarre scenarios.   Hilary Clinton at a press conference with  a worm-like foreign minister from the exoplanet GJ1214b, 40 light-years away.  Obama  in a White House  meet and greet with an amorphous mucilaginous blob as  photographers record the historic meeting.   The slimy recessional of the aliens down Pennsylvania Avenue en route to their spaceships.  And the ceremonial fanfare as they whoosh from the earth.

This all seems like the  political analogue  of the gedanken experiment---the thought experiment--- often done in science.  Like the Twin Paradox Einstein used  to explain the Theory of Relativity.   And like the Twin Paradox, it's fundamentally true.



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