The Naked Truth and 4 Other Exposes in Today's Sports Section


1. The Chicago Bulls have a chance to draft a Festus in the NBA draft. Festus Ezeli, a 6-11 center from Vanderbilt. No word as yet if they'll take a Marshall Dillon in the second round.

2.  Sammy Sosa owns the Cubs record for strikeouts in a single season at 174.  Shucks!  Old whiffenpoff Adam Dunn may get that many by the All-Star break.

3.  Murphy's Law took a holiday yesterday. David Murphy of the Rangers hit two homers and drove in 5 runs. Daniel Murphy of the Mets hit two homers and drove in 4.  I wonder how Eddie Murphy did playing  the field last night.

4. The New York Yankees put two starting pitchers on the DL Wednesday. Andy Pettite and CC Sabathia.  I'm sure there won't be  a pitching Sale when the Sox are in town this weekend.

5. Former Bulls center Tyson Chandler posed nude for ESPN the Magazine's 4th annual "body issue".  Talk about putting skin in the game!

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