Earl, It's Not An Infinity Pool.


One of my matutinal rituals is reading the funny pages after breakfast.   This morning  several of my favorites have scientific subtexts.   There's an off-the-wall look at the origins of heliocentrism in 'The Argyle Sweater'.  It seems Copernicus wanted to make his father eat his words: "I said I'll play catch later! The solar system doesn't revolve around you, son!"

'Bliss' features a meme from the field of physiology: Pavlov's dog.   He transfers what he learned  of conditioning to the local bar, ringing a bell for the next libation.

But Earl in 'Mutts' seems to get  his science terms  all wet (see above).   His  "never" is temporal.  He wants to stay forever hydrated.  So, strictly speaking, it's an "Eternal Pool".  Either way, in this heat wave,  who could blame him?


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