NATO: The Hot Potato


Are you freaking out yet? NATO is coming and bringing a wave of protesters along with it. I'm of two minds here. And both of them agree. Does Chicago really need a NATO transfusion? I mean, isn't this what it's all about? A humongous promotion of what a world-class commercial, financial, cultural,  and  every-other-al  magnet we are?

NATO summits do  come with disturbing baggage. A conglomeration of axes to grind. Maybe  that's why Chicago is  only the second American city---after Washington D.C.---to host this international  Grand Guignol fest.

A week from now, the wise and the wiseacres will second-guess whatever happens here  and however it goes. I just hope there won't be a lot of wringing of hands  and shaking of heads.  Of protesters, I mean. That  wouldn't be

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