Clinton Goes to Wisconsin. Will It Be Enough to Beat Walker?


Bill Clinton is bringing his matinee star power to Wisconsin to energize the Democratic base a few days before the recall election of Republican Governor Scott Walker. So said The Nation's John Nichols today on the Ed Schultz radio show.The anti-Union, anti-Labor Walker is being challenged by Democrat Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee. The race is too close to call. The Walker campaign has been the beneficiary of  prodigal streams of out-of-state money from the Koch Brothers and other Conservative deep pockets---courtesy of Citizens United.  Will it be enough for him to win?

Democrats and Progressives in Wisconsin--- disappointed, to put it mildly, that neither the president nor vice-president has hit the stumps here---are naturally elated and ecstatic about Clinton's imminent arrival.

The election amounts to a test case of the pushback against Conservative  policies at the state level: the  attacks on collective bargaining , public employees, and teachers; and  the radical voter ID laws that disenfranchise mostly minorities and college students.

The gubernatorial mano a mano  may also foreshadow what will happen come November. 

There are three towns and a village named Clinton in Wisconsin.  I don't know whether voters there will have a great impact on Tuesday's recall election.  But the Democratics are sure hoping a Clinton from  Arkansas will.


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