Arizona Secretary of State a Stealth Birther?


My cousin Michael D'Asta and his family live in Arizona. He flies commercial jets for a living. Last time I heard he was taking people to Hawaii. He may be up in the clouds a lot, but, metaphorically, his feet have always been firmly on the ground.

Not like his flighty secretary of state, Ken Bennett. Bennett wants to see President Barack Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate before he puts his name on the November ballot.  He forswears that he's a "birther". No, he says he's just doing his job of vetting the qualifications of all candidates.  It seems a citizen of Arizona ( Republican Governor Jan Brewer?) has urged  him to follow this course of action. So what is Mr. Bennett to do?

On the other hand, no one is asking  Bennett to verify Mitt Romney's alleged nativity in Michigan.

It's been two months  and Hawaii has yet to comply with  Mr. Bennett's formal request.    Maybe the officials in Hawaii believe  Bennett was born yesterday.  Or maybe they remember who appointed him to be secreatry of state? Jan Brewer.



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  • Tell ya what: we will corral all the birthers when the 911 Truthers quit telling us that no airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers. There is only so much that can be blamed on GWB.

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    Bennett was born in Tucson into a family that were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).

    He replaced Jan Brewer when she left the office of Arizona Secretary of State and just rides up the ladder on her coat tails.

    He's related to former Utah Sen. Bob Bennett who was ousted by the Tea Party and replaced with Mike Lee who just lost his expensive house in Alpine to a short sale by the bank.

    They're all a bunch of religious nutcases.

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