Pro Football Fashion Plates


NFL players will be sportin' new uniforms for the upcoming season. Nike (after the Greek goddess of victory) has succeeded Reebok (sounds like a croaking frog) in designing and producing the new duds.  The company put them on official display with Brian Urlacher  modeling the Bear ensemble. 31 other NFL fashinistas strutted  their stuff.

The neoforms in general are lighter, cooler, stronger, safer, and more user-friendly. And players  can customize certain features, like the socks that come in 5 sizes with reinforced arches and padding for the Achilles heel.  The players also can customize the foam and carbon-fiber padding around the ribs, shoulders, and tailbone.  The gloves and shoes? Players can freelance here with other brands.

All in all, it seems like an ultra-chic upgrade for our gridiron action figures. These cutting-edge threads will make them look more and more like what we're all familiar with: computer-generated images.

But there is one glaring omission in this sartorial overhaul of our  surrogates on the field of combat. A protective cup.  Presumably, Nike did not want to get too personal.

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