Is A Fan From Dogpatch Responsible For Rose's Woes?


Derrick Rose has suffered a laundry list of injuries this NBA season. A left toe sprain put him out for 5 games; lower back spasms for 5 games; a right groin injury for 12 games; and a right ankle sprain for 1 and counting.   Is it that   he's snake-bitten? Or  that  someone somewhere is impaling a voodoo effigy of him? Or might his body be  possessed by that Mr. Mayhem from State Farm?  Horrors to contemplate an even worse, and more likely scenario: the stresses and strains of his style of play may be taking their inevitable toll on his anatomy.  Rose's irresistible slashing, contortionist drives to the basket against some of the biggest immovable humans---like Dwight Howard----may be reason for his physical breakdown.

No one, for sure, likes to envision this grim possibility.  And perhaps it is premature to do so. We all want to put a positive spin on a superhero's mishaps. Especially when it comes to the home-grown, hometown variety.  In the mean time, I'd suggest that the Bulls management check to see if there is someone  with season tickets who has  a small dark rain cloud perpetually hovering over his head. Someone like Al Capp's Joe Btfsplk pictured above.  Make sure security is on the alert!


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  • As they sung on Hee Haw "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all."

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