Happy Birthday, Ann Lois Romney


One day after my grandson Holden turned 4, Ann Romney turns 63. May I take this opportunity to heartfeltly wish her the happiest of birthdays. A loving wife and mother of five sons, she  is indeed  a remarkable person.  A child of affluence who married into affluence, she has led a life of noblesse oblige. "I don't consider myself wealthy," she has said, "it can be here today and gone tomorrow. And how I measure riches is by the friends I have and the loved ones that I have and the people that I care about in my life."

Ann Romney knows about the fragility of life. She has survived breast cancer and multiple sclerosis. As the wife of a former governor of Massachusetts and  presidential candidate, she has been cast into a very visible public role. And she has always  been the model of grace, dignity, courage, and compassion. Her personal medical crises have  given her a deeper understanding of the pain and suffering in the human family. She has taken a lead in helping others to  cope  with multiple sclerosis, and in the search fo its  assuaging treatment  in mainstream and alternative medicine.

From her days as First Lady in Massachusetts, she has been an advocate for  inner city youth, heading various organizations that seek to ameliorate urban  living conditions.  

I admire Ann Romney for all these decent and selfless acts. But I especially admire  her passionate  love of  and devotion to her family.  My wife and I have 6 grandchildren, with one on the way. Mitt and Ann have 16! We've both been married for 42 years.

So happy birthday, Ann. You are truly a  magnificent wife, mother,  grandmother, American, and human being.  As my Polish ancestors used to say, Sto lat!, May you live a hundred years!



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  • She does seem like a nice person!

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