Moses, Romney, and the Flavors of the Mouth


Variety is the spice of life. And the food we eat.  Some of us  like mild flavor enhancers. Some like it hot.  And there, truly, is no accounting for taste.  God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. What if God had also given him a tablet with the Ten Condiments. What would they have been?

Well, the Chosen People---if you look it up---had many more than ten condiments  to choose from.  In no particular order, I'm going to play God and legislate a sort of top ten of the spices they actually used.

(1) Salt. The Israelites evaporated it from the Dead Sea. And harvested it---thanks in part to Lot's wife---from the licks at Sodom, not far from the Dead Sea.

(2) Garlic. They used it to flavor their bread.  And to ward off  the occasional evil spirit.

(3) Dill.  Didn't they have their share of pickles in Egypt leading up to the Exodus.

(4) Mustard. Although there  is no record of Joseph dreaming of seven years of hot dogs.

(5) Mint. After dinner treats? No chocolate, I'm afraid.

(6) Honey.  Slam-dunk here. It WAS the land of milk and honey.   They got it originally from figs. Bees came later.

(7) Onion. Of course. For cryin' out loud!

(8), (9), (10) Parsley, Sage, Thyme.  Rosemary stayed behind with the pharaoh?


I'm sure there are gourmands among us who would not consider the above list divine, but de gustibus non est  disputandum.. That's Latin for "whatever piques your palate".

Now if  only God had a condiment to make Mitt Romney easier to swallow.

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