Lack of Sex Will Turn Fruit Flies into Barflies


Note: According to the journal Science, male fruit flies who are deprived of sex will resort to alcohol in order  to satisfy a physiological demand for a reward.


When rejected for sex, the fruit fly
Will respond like the average guy.
After suffering snubs,
He will visit the pubs
And get pickled on bourbon and rye.


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  • Like it! So true!

    Here is ...the rest of the story (apologies to all poets thought the eons):

    Closing time came as it did at the bar,
    He told her and sold her that he didn't live far.
    The ceiling and wall shook all through the night.
    In the morning both were shocked with dawns early fright.

    (Based on a true story, hee, hee.)

  • How different the coda
    If they had drunk soda.

    Richard, a nice light---and naughty---touch.

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