Breitbart's End Fuels Right-Wing Paranoia


The right-wing echo chamber is reverberating  with a new  sensational Obama allegation: he's an assassin. Yes, conservative firebrand and agent provocateur, Andrew Breitibart,  didn't die of natural causes. He was whacked. It was murder most foul.

Look at the circumstantial evidence. How could a man in his fit condition die of cardiac arrest? He was only 43, a type A  personality, overweight, and stressed out. Not a likely candidate for heart failure.

And what about the incriminating videos that Breitbart told his conservative  brethren he had and was about to circulate?  Videos that would torpedo Obama's reelection chances.  Connecting  Obama with Bill Ayers and the terrorist underground. Aren't  these the telltale signs of a political hit.

Alas, the Far Right has fallen off the deep end. Their minds have become unhinged.  What they are accusing the president of sounds like a classical case of paranoia. The delusions of a  psychotic disorder.  For them reality has checked out. They need professional help. The sooner the better.  And a complete withdrawal from that hallucinogenic Kool-Aid.





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  • Amazing...- but sadly not surprising. I should add it to the symptomatology.

  • Somebody obviously gave him the Dim Mak, maybe David Axelrod, ala Bruce Lee in 73, rest in peace.

  • Glad you had some explanation for Publius's blog going way off the deep end. He lost his disciple and probably employer, and now just thinks that everyone other than himself is a leftist fascist (his words).

  • Actually, most believe AB had some type of heart infraction. He was overweight, never rested and, if you look at later pictures, his color was not good.

    Now I know the Lip/Progs get a big kick out of hyperbolic statements and then connecting them to your everyday conservative -- and I won't deprive you of your fun. And if you're good, I'll make you all honorary members of the VRWC (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy).

    Most the conservative figures you all do not listen to but hear second hand through such luminaries as Ed Schultz and Bill Mahr, do not believe anything other than AB died of heart disease. See, they knew him, knew of his heart condition.

    If you guys want to share the hate, you can always read the Rolling Stone article on AB. It was rancid with hate of the man. Should make a good read for you, the Lip/Progs, the most compassionate and tolerant of humans.

    Look for your VRWC Card via email.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    He had the same "heart infraction" that most neo-conservatives have: he didn't care about the 99%.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Good eye. You must be lexic.

    In.frac.tion - Medical. A break in a bone.

  • The only Democratic president since Kennedy who hasn't been accused of being an assassin is Carter. Did no one die during his presidency?

  • In reply to Crunch Buttsteak:

    Definitely no Iranian hostage takers. Basically Carter's incompetence in this regard tends to disqualify him.

    Now, if he had taken out Achmeninutjob in 1979, things now would be different.

    One of course can consider whether taking out Bin Laden and al-Awlaki was assassination or a military operation. In this case, I agree with Holder that it was the latter.

  • In reply to jack:

    Non-combatants only, Jack - Vince Foster, Marilyn, etc.

  • This post is full of crap. Have there been SOME people speculating that Andrew was murdered by Obama? Sure. Is it anything approaching pervasive or commonly thought. No. Not even close.

    Yet this post acts as if everyone on the right is suffused in Breitbart conspiracy theories. It is disingenuous.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    So you are ready to unequivocally denounce and condemn those on the right who are promulgating this vile and outrageous nonsense? Like the following: Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Mancow Muller, Michael Savage, Texas Fred , Roger Fredinburg, Sheriff Joe Arpioa, John Aravosis, and Andrew Steele, and the fair and balanced crowd on Fox News.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Aquina.... "denounce" and "condemn" -- clearly words from the old Soviet lexicon. Just as the left can have their opinions, such as Hillary's Vast Right Wind Conspiracy, so can others on the other side believe what they wish, and voice it. At least so far.

    Maybe publius will get around to denouncing and condemning the AB Deathers when some here pounce on the "911 Truthers".

    Watch for your VRWC Card. This way you can get the inside dope immediately about the Koch brothers, the Jewish cabal that controls the banking world, the fake lunar landings and how Rush Limbaugh is actually Shawn Hannidy, Laura Ingram, Ann Coulter and Clarence Thomas and George W. Bush. It's good to be on the inside. The card comes with a foldable tin foil hat.

  • Sigh. What good is any of this? Conservatives, just like liberals, come in all shades and colors. Why bunch them altogether? Just for the record, the idea that Obama had anything to do with AB's death is nonsense. Except when I think of things like Obamacare, my heart palpitates.

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