Whitney Houston: A Legacy Of Sweet Sounds And Beautiful Music


"Any man's death," said John Donne, "diminishes me." In all the tributes that have followed the death of Whitney Houston, there is this sense of personal loss. Of a gift that  fortune had given all  of us, and suddenly taken back.

Whitney's magnificent voice,  with its unparalleled power, range, radiance, and beauty, has been stilled.  It had  resonated universally. It  had spoken to us in the most human of terms.  Reaching  the depths of our emotions.

We will remember her as someone---in the words of Stephen Spender---"Whose lovely ambition/Was that their lips, still touched with fire,/Should tell of the spirit clothed from head to foot in song."

Last Thursday at a pre-Grammy concert, Whitney made her final appearance on stage, singing one of her favorites, "Yes, Jesus Loves Me".   Whatever the storms she weathered  along the way,  Whitney Houston  now is walking in the sunshine. Basking in the love of her Lord.

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