The Bulls Knead Rose



Derrick Rose is the NBA's MVP. Not my opinion. He was named Most Valuable Player last season. A richly deserved accolade. So far in this abbreviated reincarnation of the NBA, Rose has been---pardon my French---hors de combat, out of action,  20% of the time.  Have they set up a hoop in the infirmary for him yet?

Of course, Rose is a consummate  pro, and would rather be doing his patented slashes to the basket than pining away  on the pines. But his injuries have been nagging, and there's no sense in risking more serious structural damage by rushing him back.  As the Tribune headline has it," Injuries take toll on Rose."  Playing him prematurely,  before he's sufficiently healed,  might prove too costly a toll.

The maladies just seem to linger on.  A turf toe sidelined him a while. Now lower back spasms.   Secondary effects of tendinitis in his legs from his secondary schooldays.

Despite Rose's absence on the court, the Bulls' juggernaut keeps overrunning most opponents. And C.J. Watson himself is no slouch of a replacement. But when the playoff showdowns arrive, and when those  titanic battles with the Heat loom on the horizon, that's especially when Rose is worth every cent of the millions he's paid.

That's when I'd rather see him at the scorer's table checking back in, than on the massage table with someone checking in back.

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