Operation Action Heroes


Lying shoulder to shoulder, two of Hollywood's most stout-hearted men were en route to OR  for surgical repair of the aforementioned joint.  Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.  Hospitals do make strange bedfellows.   Arnold tweeted the above picture  showing the world the  muscle-bound  camaraderie of these LX-Men.  Schwarzenegger is 64 and Stallone 65. Neither one is seemingly  waving the white flag before the forces of  time.  After a sufficient period of recuperation, they plan to collaborate  in yet another action movie.  Which may result in  their next appearance together on adjacent gurneys.

The Terminator says, "Now we're ready for another round of great times and action when we shoot the Tomb."   Not the most felicitous title for men of a certain age.

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