Ben & Jerry's New Flavor: Crow


Ben & Jerry is  a cutting-edge brand of ice cream. Innovative, creative, culturally hip.  With a sort of subversive humor, at times, too.  Not for them  vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or any other conventional  flavor.     B & J once had a  "Fossil Fuel" (with 'fudge dinosaurs').   Understandably, it was eventually depleted.     For a sensual treat, you can enjoy its " Karamel Sutra" ( soft caramel encircled erotically by chocolate and caramel ice cream), Or its "Mission to Marzipan" (with almond cookies and marzipan swirl)--- for those with space.

You get the idea. The name sells the ice cream. And, B & J hopes, the flavor keeps you buying.

Sometimes, this marketing strategy backfires. "Schweddy Balls" (vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum and loaded with fudge-covered rum and malt balls) was inspired by a Saturday Night Live skit. The raunchy name provoked protests. Primarily in stores with social conservative shoppers, I guess.

Their  latest inventive flavor to rock the boat of public opinion is something they call "Taste the Lin-Sanity" frozen yogurt.  What is  an  obvious attempt to ride on the waves of Jeremy Lin's popularity instead  has turned into a shipwreck. The admirals of the B & J fleet must have thought mixing 'fortune cookie pieces' with the yogurt was a seaworthy idea. Unfortunately, racial stereotyping is not  the wisest of  sales pitches.

The idea was scrapped. Not as a concession to ethnic sensitivities, mind you.  No offense intended, Ben & Jerry insists.  The  "cookies got so soggy".    The pieces of fortune cookies have been duly replaced by pieces of waffle.  At this writing, there is no word  about a Ben & Jerry  ice cream 'crow' bar.




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