Act Your Age, Hollywood!


Vanity Fair's March issue has a piece about Hollywood and Human Growth Hormones(HGHs).  Some celebrities have gone public about using them, like Sylvester Stallone and  Suzanne Sommers.  But many others are far more reticent.  It's all about stemming the flow of time.  Age may not---according to Plutarch and Shakespeare---have withered Cleopatra, but it inevitably  did wither  Claudette Colbert, Vivian Leigh, and Elizabeth Taylor, actresses who portrayed Cleo  on the silver screen.

It's not exactly unexpected that people who make their living looking young and beautiful would do just about anything to stay that way. HGH is not a steroid. It's a natural substance whose anti-aging efficacy is debatable.  And studies show it may have harmful side effects, like diabetes and cancer.  But this has not deterred celebrities from rolling the dice in its favor. And probably  movie idolatrists are glad that they do.

As someone getting up in years myself, I admire the older graying  stars who have come to terms with the ravages of time.  Like two octogenarians who have been nominated for Oscars this year: Christopher Plummer and Max von Sydow. Or Clint Eastwood, a spry 81-year-old, who has a better way of coping with the 'whips and scorns of time': "As we grow older, we must discipline ourselves to continue expanding, broadening, learning, and keeping our minds active and open."

Good advice to feel young and healthy---or lucky---for all the days of our lives.

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