The Gordian Knot Of Immigration


In 333 b.c. Alexander the Great came to a town in Asia Minor, Gordium, where legend had it whoever could untie the knot that fastened an ox-cart to a post would become the ruler of Asia.  Try as he might, Alexander couldn't unravel the intricately interwoven strips of wood; whereupon with a swift stroke of his sword he cut it free. The Gordian Knot ever since  has become a metaphor for a seemingly intractable problem that only  bold and creative action can solve.

If what to do with 12 million illegals in our country is a Gordian Knot,  no  Alexander the Great stepped  up during the  Republican debate last night.  Where there should have been a sword---amnesty? a pathway to citizenship? the Dream Act?---Romney and Gingrich could only scratch at the surface of this knotty issue.

Both would accept military service as a gateway to citizenship.  So big of them.  And Romney talked about drying up employment opportunities without elaborating on exactly how to go about doing it.( Sanction employers of illegals like Reagan wanted to do in 1986? )  Use ID cards or an E-Verify system, Romney says.  In the end, Romney, the Grand Illusionist,  expects  the illegals to self-deport themselves.

Somehow,  he doesn't sell me.  Self-deport?  Isn't that how Romney's millions got to the Caymans?


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