Is There Tao For A Turf Toe?



Most of us will never get a degree in sports medicine.  Nor become one of those amateurs who---according to G.K. Chesterton---always know more than the professional. But if you regularly read the sports section, you may eventually pass as an informed layman.

Take Derrick Rose's turf toe.  And I imagine he'd be happy if you would.  In a marginal gloss and graphic, the Trib sports page today  explains  this nagging injury.   I found the  technical anatomy terms---like other statistics about our sports demigods--- oozing through  the  membranes of  my  consciousness.   I soon  began to hear voices in my head. " Rose better rest those sesamoid bones." Yeah, that's what gives him leverage for those  slashing drives."

I even was prompted to do---much to my chagrin--- further research.  I found a picture of a (miserable?) box turtle who was suffering from a turf toe and was  probably wondering, "Why me? I don't play basketball."

And I learned that there is a neurological pathway between the big toe and the genitals.  I don't know what to make of this.  But someone better tell Derrick Rose.



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