Baby Food For The Brain


Did you know a baby dolphin can stimulate an endorphin? What's an endorphin? Simply put, it's a chemical in the brain that turns us on. According to neuroscientists who study these things, babies in general---human or lower animal---induce centers in the brain to manufacture more of this morphine-like chemical.

This morning, thanks to my sister-in-law Bernice, the endorphins are coming off the amygdala assembly line in record numbers. Why? She sent me the cutest gallery of  animal pictures this side of the Cambrian Period.  I don't mean to get all treacly and saccharine here but how could your heart not melt seeing a 'baby penguin meeting a baby dolphin'  like the one above. Or how about a  'baby hedgehog taking a bubble bath' ?  I'm getting quivers of delight just putting my stream of endorphins into prose.

No wonder Madison Avenue uses talking babies to market  products, like E-trade.  These hidden persuaders know our vulnerabilities.  They're no babes in the woods.  But who knows, they may put a few adorable ones in their next commercial.

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