A Snowjob From The Old Farmers Almanac


It's been a mild winter in Chicago. Suits me. Snowfall's been below average. The Tribune weather page says we've had the least-subfreezing winter days in 4 decades: 11. What a difference from last year's 43!

Whatever happened to the dreaded La Nina? That little Spanish lady from the Pacific was supposed to bring us colder air and plentiful snow. She sure put a whammy on the Old Farmers Almanac. The OFA predicted for the eastern half of the country---that would be us---typical winter temperatures and white, as in shovel-ready.

I seem to remember the climate chatter last fall was pretty grim about the approaching winter. Something like those  Homeland Security red alerts during the Bush Administration. They would frazzle the national nerves and thankfully fizzle out. They were suspiciously self-serving. And eventually few of us  paid any attention to them.

The weather of course  is proverbially  fickle. The prognostications about it are subject to  many "butterfly effects".  So I haven't lost faith in the Old Farmer for being seduced  by a senorita.  Besides, my shovel and snowblower need the rest.


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