A Cooking Time Bomb


New York chef Anthony Bourdain has called her "the most dangerous person to America".   If it sounds like someone who has  a recipe for disaster, it is, in a sense. Bourdain was talking about the Food Network's popular Southern belle, peppery Paula Deen. Deen loves to concoct salivating dishes that send your calorie counter through the roof:  twinkie pie, chocolate cheese fudge made with Velveeta, coconut chocolate chip gooey cake.  The kind of food whose very description has the soporific effect of a huge Thanksgiving Day feast.

Rumors have been rampant of late that Deen may be suffering from a condition that people eventually contract after consuming---over a period of time--- the comestibles she prepares on her show: Type II Diabetes.  In his book "The Omnivore's Dilemma", Michael Pollan points out how serious this  medical problem is: "Three of every four Americans are overweight; one of every five is obese. The disease formerly known as adult-onset diabetes  has had to be renamed Type II Diabetes since it now occurs so frequently in children. A recent study in the 'Journal of the American Medical Association' predicts that a child born in 2000 has a one-in-three chance of developing diabetes. (An African-American child's chances are two in five.) Because of diabetes and all the other health problems that accompany obesity, today's children may turn out to be the first generation of Americans whose life expectancy will actually be shorter than that of their parents."

Yesterday in TV interviews Paula Deen admitted she did suffer from Type II Diabetes.  She didn't seem aware of the irony of her medical condition. Or that her cuisine may have contributed  to compromising  national health.  "I've always said to eat in moderation," she insisted.  People have to make the right choices.

And among  them,  I would include not watching  "Type II Diabetes-Paula.


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  • I'm sad for Paula, but not all that surprised. Maybe she should look into a healthier diet to treat her diabetes instead of drugs? There's lots of interesting information available at this noncommercial, science based site (nutritionfacts.org). To quote the good doctor: "It is too bad Paula Deen missed this opportunity" to tell her fans "that type 2 diabetes can be prevented, managed, treated, and even cured". Read more at http://nutritionfacts.org/blog/2012/01/18/paula-deen-diabetes-drug-spokesperson/

  • Starson, thanks for the insightful comment. By the way, aren't we all star sons and daughters? Lauren Krauss wrote: "Every atom in our bodies was created billions of years ago in the fiery furnace of some long dead star. I find this is one of the most fascinating and poetic facts about the universe: we are all literally star children."

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