Newt Gingrich Has Too Much Baggage Even For Southwest Airlines




Newt Gingrich is the current flavor of the month in the Republican Dope Derby.  But he comes with a caravan of baggage.  Evangelicals and social-conservatives will eventually  sour on his history of adulterous philandering.  He's married to his third wife after two divorces.  His randy episodes are even more reprehensible because of moral hypocrisy. While Newt was casting stones at Bill Clinton's sexual escapades in the White House, he himself was being unfaithful to his wife.

Newt's flip-flops are garnering more attention since his rise to the top of the popularity polls. The USA Today enumerates four examples: (1) he was for U.S. intervention in Libya before he was against it; (2) he recognized the role of  human acitivity in causing climate change before he became a skeptic; (3) he was for a health care mandate before he opposed it; and (4) he supported Freddy Mac as necessary for accessible affordable home ownership before he advised it about risky "bubbles".

What Newt likes to beat his chest about---his record in the House---upon closer scrutiny is not as admirable as he would lead the American public to believe. While Speaker of the House, he was largely responsible for the government shutdown in 1995 because of his refusal to compromise on budget cuts. He also  came under fire for alleged ethics violations. He returned $4.5 million of a book advance payout that the House Ethics Committee had challenged. In another ethics matter about whether he used tax-exempt donations to fund a college course he taught, he was obliged to pay $300,000 to cover the cost of the investigation.  Gingrich even owned up to providing "inaccurate, incomplete, and unreliable statements" to the Committee. His bombastic  euphemistic way of admitting to perjury.

With all this baggage, I wouldn't be surprised if Newt's presidential aspirations are eventually grounded.



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