April in December

nullC.D. Potts tells me that he was driving down 107th in Oak Lawn this morning and spotted a seasonal anomaly : a forsythia in full golden regalia in front of a residence. The forsythia is one of the first shrubs to blossom every spring. One blooming on December 4 is quite a surprise. After all, winter on the calendar is still a fortnight away. Potts says this spring-flowering shrub was apparently fooled by the string of mild days we've had. In Vermont people are reporting the same startling occurence.

I drove down the way Potts went to see for myself. It was all  that my gardening alter ego  said it  was. What a treat! A wonderful foretaste of the resplendent reawakening that awaits us in the distant spring. If only we can survive the grip of another Chicago winter!

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