Obesity: A Pet Peeve

According to a group of vets,
We tend to overfeed our pets.
Our felines and our mutts or hounds
Are packing on too many pounds.
We love them to a fault, they say,
And that is how they got this way.
To put them in a better mood
We're using snacks and treats as food.
Those left-overs we share, God knows,
Are only adding adipose.
Fido the dog, Felix the cat
Must now be saved from their own fat.
So exercise and feed them right.
They won't be  wider than their height.

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  • Loved your blog. Too true. And in poetry! All the best, Sue Yellen

  • My kitty is on a diet. Many people don't think about the fact that our pets can develop the same avoidable chronic diseases from being overweight that humans can. I don't want to have to give my cat insulin shots :-/

  • Great poem!

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