Excuse His French

In Sunday's Trib sports section, Steve Rosenbloom wrote a stinging column about Bears coach, Lovie Smith. If I got it right, Rosenbloom thinks Smith is a guy who's on a power trip and any player who questions his decisions---e.g. safety Chris Harris---will get  his walking papers.

I wouldn't want to challenge Rosenbloom on his opinion. After all he's the sports maven and the insider. . But I do find his choice of words in making his case a bit bewildering. Especially this sentence: "Smith can have a rouge derriere at times, going back to wagging the big verbal finger at us about trusting him as coach of the Bears when he ran out Ron Rivera."

Now I knew Rosenbloom, of course, was speaking figuratively.  I easily found  the "big verbal finger' on his semantic map. But the  "rouge derrierre" eluded my comprehension GPS.  When I asked my wife if she knew what he meant, she said that Rosenbloom probably confused hue with hardness. Which seemed  fundamentally credible.

Assuming  her interpretation is correct,  may I make this suggestion to Mr. Rosenbloom:  In the future, if you need a euphemism for Lovie's buns,   try "adamantine gluteus maximus".   How does that grab you?


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