Blue Gen-Xecutives

Why all this ballyhoo in Cub Nation over Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer?  I get that they are young---38 and 36--- baseball executives who were wunderkind  masterminds behind the  ending  of the Red Sox World Series drought.  But let's not go Pollyanna about them.  At this writing, neither is in the Cubs front office, although it seems inevitable that they will take over the reins.

It is a little balmy how baseball mavens and insiders have practically reserved places for Theo and Jed in Cooperstown.   The  scribes around town dub them 'saviors' and wait for their 'coronation'. Such is the power of mass hysteria.  May I suggest we moderate our optimism.   I can understand the desperation.  Cub fans jilted by fate keep looking for Mr. Goodbar.  Yes, the  Cubbies  haven't held the brass ring in 103 years.   A  cosmic force may be needed to redirect the inertia of  their losing streak.

The Epstein-Hoyer Show---as Paul Sullivan calls it---may have the elixirs for success.  Or will it wind up peddling the latest brand of snakeoil?

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