Avon Falling

I heard on the Stephanie Miller radio show this morning that Avon Products(AVP)was about 20% down on the New York Stock Exchange.  At this moment it's selling for $18.87 a share. My mother never had any stock in Avon, but she used to sell  its line years ago. I don't think she was very successful though.  She would store a myriad of assorted bottles and tubes in the kitchen cabinets. She  didn't go door to door, and I don't think she had anything like a Tupperware party to market the merchandise. Her sales pitch was low tech---these were the '50s and 60s---and low-key, like her personality. Indeed she was far from flamboyant or assertive. She liked to gift a lot of the stuff.  My wife  was never surprised to find an Avon product under the wrapping.  Whatever else my mother didn't sell, she used herself. She was conditioning her skin with Avon years after she cut her ties with the company.

Avon Products is still kicking, but there seems to be, according to the aforemintioned source, some trouble with Brazil  and charges of financial chicanery in China. My mother, if she were alive today, wouldn't have paid much attention to such business trivia.  As I said, she was not a shareholder. On the other hand, if you are  invested in Avon, it may be time to reassess your priorities.


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